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Kay Sunderland Case Note: Lack Of Cooperation (Essay Sample)


1.) Problem statement: Identify and sum up the problem
− DO: Critically identify the problem.
− DO: Be succinct.
− DON'T: Just summarize the case.
− DON'T: Just reiterate the crisis at the beginning of the case.
− DON'T: Identify a problem that is solved already by the end of the case
2.) Problem analysis/root causes: Analyze the underlying causes of the problem that you identified
− DO: Critically analyze the problem based on concepts from class and the readings.
− DO: Discuss at least 2 root causes.
− DON'T: Be general, e.g. “They're not managing the team well.” → That's obvious – anyone who has not taken an OB class could arrive at the conclusion.
− DON'T: Just describe what's happening, e.g. “The team is not functioning well.” → Dig deeper – WHY is the team not functioning well? What is the evidence for that and what are the CAUSES.”
3.) Recommendations: Make your recommendations for what should be done based on the problem and your analysis
− DO: Relate your recommendations to the problem and root causes that you have identified.
− DO: Make 2 specific recommendations. Include an appraisal of how of feasible they are and how you would implement them.
− DO: Base your recommendations on concepts from class and the readings.
− DON'T: Provide general advice, e.g. “They should communicate better.” Again, that's OBVIOUS. You don't need to take an OB course to make a recommendation like that.
− DON'T: Provide a laundry list of superficial recommendations.


Student Name
Professors Name
Kay Sunderland Case Note
Problem Statement
Attain has to meet the training needs of its most important client, Gramen. However, the lack of cooperation between Mike Morgan and Kay Sunderland threatens to destroy the developing relationship between the two companies. Morgan's video case on accounts receivable did not impress Juan Nunez, Gramen's Chief Learning Officer. Morgan and his team have less than a month to come up with an entirely new case study as well as completing content development.
Problem Analysis
The lack of cooperation between Morgan and Sunderland threatens to ruin the company's relationship with Gramen, which is its most important client. It is the account manager who is supposed to link up with the client and not the content d

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