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In-N-Out &McDoanld Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Each group will pick two companies / products / services in a particular industry:
1. For Company A you have 2 options: (i) An idea for a new product / service to form a new company, or (ii) an existing small company, which seek to disrupt company B.
2. A larger or more established company offering a current product / service.
The task is to write and validate a marketing plan to design and market Company A (relative to Company 1 which serves as a benchmark).
Our team has identified two companies
Company A: In-N-Out
Company B: Mcdonald
I need to write two parts, one and a half pages each
The first part must use 5M analysis
Advertising Analysis 5 Ms planned or existing ads / website of A vs. existing ads / website of B on: 1. Mission 2. Message 3. Media 4. Money 5. Measurement
the second part
Sales Promotions i. Describe what A (B) plans to or is doing ii. What do you think given what you have learned from above
Use reference to give citation in the article and at the end


Part 1: Comparison of Existing Ads for McDonalds and In-N-Out
Advertising is a very important marketing or promotional tool for any business. The success of an advertisement can be the direct determinant of the organization’s success when it comes to sales. To this end therefore, there is every need for a business to dedicate a significant chunk of its business operations, towards advertising. When it comes to the two companies; McDonalds and In-N-Out, their distinct styles and elements of their advertisements are quite clear. The 5Ms of advertising, which are money, measurement, mission, message and media, can be drawn out from their advertisements. This can be done by looking at least one advert from each company.
Example of ads for In-N-Out:
For McDonalds:

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