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Expository writing. Hegemonic Elitism and Globalization (Essay Sample)


1. Naomi Klein, “Hot Money: How Free Market Fundamentalism Helped Overheat
the Planet.”
2. Karen Ho, “Biographies of Hegemony.”
Your previous essay asked you to consider the struggle between institutional and people power in the context of the climate crisis. Karen Ho’s essay argues that “hegemonic elitism” underlies the predominance of institutions like Wall Street, which maintains global capitalism (163). Similarly, Klein argues that the hegemony of global capital has obstructed the development of alternative models for energy production and consumption, the same institutions that encourage and perpetuate the “culture of smartness” which Ho shows to be systemically pervasive. For your second essay, use Klein and Ho to analyze how "profit accumulation" and "global prowess" are reinforced both culturally and institutionally.
Thinking Questions
How does Ho's “hegemonic elitism” broaden your understanding of Klein's critique of globalization?
How does the selective “culture of smartness” play a role in systemic social inequality?
How does each author demonstrate the idea that "the financial is cultural through and through?"

3- page rough draft is due in hard copy 2/12. Final drafts will be due 2/17 by 11 pm. (submit via Canvas)
Required Formatting for final drafts:
5 double-spaced pages, 1-inch margins, 12-pt. font. MLA format (Your headers, page numbers, and quotations should be formatted properly. See The Keys for Writers).
Base the essay that you write before, keep writing 2 more pages.


Expository writing
Hegemonic Elitism and Globalization
Today, everyone in school desires to get a good job with a good salary and to fit right in with the current crop of the employed. It is easy to blame students with such desires because their goals appear to coincide with the current status quo. However, it is crucial to consider the influences of the society towards the independent choices and decisions students are making today. It is widely and loudly said that those who are cut from a different clothe make it in life today. These people are the ones running the world and spearhead the capitalistic approach to life. Karen Ho’s essay titled Biographies of Hegemony: The Culture of Smartness and the Recruitment and Construction of Investment Bankers speaks to the current propagation of a society that only has room for the smart. As the article indicates, these individuals are made to think that they are the only ones capable and gifted enough to run the world. 

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