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Effects of Immigration Reforms Policies on the U.S Human Resources (Essay Sample)


Each legal news assignment will be assigned a topic, relating to the legal topic being covered in class. To earn the full ten points, you must:
1. Research a current news item that relates to the topic assigned. "Current" means a news item within the last six months.
2. Use a reputable news source. Consider researching The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Lowell Sun, or any ohter newspaper from a major city. The Associated Press and Reuters are also acceptable. Do NOT cite to social media, buzzfeed, popsugar or a blog. These are not "news" sources.
3. Your summary must be 2 - 3 full paragraphs, in complete sentences. Please summarize what the news item is, and how it relates to our business law topic.
4. Turn in your Legal News item on time.


Effects of Immigration Reforms Policies on the U.S Human Resources
There exist several legal issues that could affect business positively or negatively depending on the turn of these issues. The business community is always in danger of being crippled by legal actions. The legal threat, especially in America, can surprise the business fraternity and the bottom line is failed business. Common legal headaches in America include, disgruntled employees this is where employees get more rights than the nation based on unions, discrimination, or harassment is one of the most unpopular legal issues in the United States. Discrimination in terms of sexuality, age, ethnic or other traits. Third, is the immigration audit, where the United States has had immigration problems for decades now it is not easy to ignore immigration issue. Fourth, copyright, and patent issues, which involve rights of ownership for a period. Fifth, in America a dissatisfied customer can file a suit against a business for faulty services or products. Other legal issues may vary from tax litigation to legal disputes with contractors and competitors. Looking at the United States environment recently the country has made some dramatic changes to migration and immigration department to curb the high numbers of immigrants in the country. The topic of immigration reform was reignited during Barrack Obama tenure but president Trump has taken some broad step on the phenomenon. Trump proposed to block green cards and visa to the country. According to CNN, the prop

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