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Consumer Behavior. Business & Marketing Assignment (Essay Sample)


A large portion of this class was spent discussing the “black box” of consumer behavior. 
 Each class we went through a different topic of said consumer box. We talked about each of the topics in the framework below. Also, you should have read about it in your book. We discussed MAO, exposure, categorization, attitudes, memory and decision making under low effort.  
Write a summary regarding how MAO (low vs. high) interacts with any of the topics we discussed in class. Discuss how a marketing manager may use these insights in terms of strategy/branding. Use one specific product, service or brand to provide an example. 


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Consumer Behavior
Consumers are crucial players in market exchange. Successful marketers take the necessary steps to gain a clear insight into what influences the decision-making process of consumers, commonly termed as consumer behavior(East et al. 6). Consequently, several models have been developed to help break down the complexity of consumer behavior. The black box model otherwise known as the stimulus-response model is the most common model, which postulates that buyers make decisions by responding to external or internal factors (Kanagal 87). The buyers 'black box,' in this case, represents the buyers' mental process, and the influential factors are either psychological, personal, or social factors. The black box model further outlines the various factors that can act as barriers to the consumer involvement in a market exchange; Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity and thus the MAO framework.

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