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Company Selected from Fortune 500 is UnitedHealth Group (Essay Sample)


STEP ONE: Company selection and analysis
• The student should select a company for analysis and write up a profile of the company selected. The profile should include:
 Presentation and discussion of firm Mission/Vision
 Presentation and discussion of the firm’s current strategic plans and/or direction
 Presentation and discussion of the firm’s culture
 A brief discussion of the firm’s structure and organization
 The above subject areas could be presented in a “strengths/weaknesses” format as part of an overall SWOT-style analysis
 Approximately 5-pages, double-spaced, typed
My Company Selected from Fortune 500 is (UnitedHealth Group)

United Health Group
United Health Group
United Health Group is a well-being and a diversified health company with its headquarters in Minnetonka. It provides a wider spectrum of products and services through its two major distinct platforms. These platforms are United Healthcare, which handles benefits services and healthcare provision. The second one is Optum, which carries out information and technology-enabled health services. Through its various ventures, United Health Groups serves over 75 million people worldwide. United Health group being the most diversified healthcare company in the United States, it has the mission of aiding individual to live healthier lives and making a better working health system for everyone (UnitedHealth Group).
Through the guidance of this mission statement, United Health Group has sought into various productive activities to ensure accomplishment of its mission. These activities include the introduction of innovative approaches that can facilitate the promotion of healthier populations in local communities and improve personal health. These uniquely innovative core capabilities introduced by United Health Group are majorly based on improved information and technology system and abundant clinical care resources (UnitedHealth Group). Furthermore, United Health Group also strives to improve the healthcare system and peoples' lives by expanding access to quality health care. This is accomplished through working with health care professionals and other important partners to ensure that people acquire care of their desire at an affordable charges. United Health Group also help people decide on their personal health by empowering them with information, tools and guidance required. The physician-patient relationship is also a fundamental factor supported by the United Health Group. The company ensures than it comes up with ways maintaining constant communication and better relationship between patients and their respective doctors of physicians. Patients are encouraged to be open-minded and free with their care providers to be provided with better services.
Strategic plans and directions of United Health Group
To diversify its operations, United Health Group focuses on achieving its strategic plans through investments, agreements, strategic alliances, divestitures, acquisitions, outsourcing transactions and joint ventures. United Health Group has been in the verge to provide a better, and much-enhanced heath care to resident enrolled in United Healthcare's employer-sponsored health plans in New York. Therefore, in line with its strategic plans, the company ventured into collaboration with ProHEALTH Care Association (LLP). Recently, United Health Group announced its new strategic partnerships with three mobile health technologies firms (MINNETONKA). These three companies are CareSpeak Communication, Lose it! And Fitbit. These companies help improve consumers' health and well-being by developing mobile product and service such mobile health applications.
Through this innovation and improved technology, United Health Group is determined to provide health solutions by simplifying the consumer health experience. This strategy will enable the company to reach out to consumers via technologically consumer-friendly devices like smart phones and mobile devices to facilitate the access of relevant health information (MINNETONKA). Furthermore, the United Health Group recent strategies have taken a new direction. Just to mention a few, on March 19th, 2015, United Health Group granted Georgia Community-Based Organization $106,000. This grant was for support of health and welfare programs. On Feb 11th, 2015, United Health Group Board authorized the quarterly dividend payment to shareholders (Research And Markets). This strategy increased the confidence of shar...
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