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Business Writing: Trash Cans For An Event (Essay Sample)


Beatrice Thorne recently sent the following e-mail to Fabulous Party Rentals requesting costs and availability for a backyard event she is hosting.
Good Morning,
I am looking for a price quote for tables, linens, chairs, utensils and dishware, and trashcans for a 60-person maximum backyard event we are hosting. We are looking at December 12, 19, or 26 (no specific preference on dates) and were wondering if you could confirm your availability and provide a price list for the items we need?
Below is the first draft of the message composed by Jane Smith, Event Coordinator.
The purpose of this e-mail is to let you know that we don’t have availability to set-up your backyard event for 60 people on one of the date options you noted (December 12), but do for the other dates you mentioned (December 19 and December 26). So sorry we can’t accommodate on December 12.
You also asked for costs. $20 per table with room for 8 people at each table, additional tables priced at $15 for each table after 5 – recommend that you add 3 additional tables for food and beverage, linens (color choices available) at $7 each, $2 per rented chair with a 25% discount for any chairs in excess of 50, one time charge for set-up/delivery of $50 if you don’t spend at least $500, $3 per person cost for utensils and dishware with a 25% discount for any utensil/dishware over 50 persons, trash/recycle cans for $15 – need 1 for every 35 guests or so.


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Business Writing
Hello Beatrice Thorne,
You might remember that you asked for a price quote for linens, utensils, dishwasher, tables, chairs, and trashcans for an event. First of all, I thank you for sending this email and showing an interest. However, let me please bring it to your attention that we do not have the stock available to cater to your guests, as the booking has already been done for December 12. However, I encourage you to change the date a little, if possible for you, so that we can provide the needful. You might like to choose December 19 or December 26, if you are interested in getting our services. I apologize for not being able to assist at this point, and please do not take it personally, as we are serious about accommodating you and your guests on dates

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