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BlockBuster (Streaming service). Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


A. To recap from the last assignment, what group or groups did you decide to target? What is it about this group(s) that gives you an advantage?
B. Complete a SWOT analysis to analyze your marketing environment (see link for example: https://www(dot)mbaskool(dot)com/brandguide/food-and-beverages/2806-coca-cola-company.html) --The example provides a SWOT of CocaCola. You can do this in bullet form or chart form.
One good website to use for insights on your particular industry is https://www(dot)nielsen(dot)com/us/en/insights/
I will go over the website in full in the next live class, but it is a great source to use in analyzing your environment. It also gives you a credible set of insights.
C. Objective:
Using what you gathered about your market, SWOT analysis, and history of the company, what will be your company's goals?
What are some solutions to each threat and weakness on your SWOT analysis?


Student Name
Analysis of the Blockbuster Company
Part A
The company that forms the basis of the assignment is Blockbuster LLC. It is an American-based organization that provides a wide range of services including home movies and video game rental services, Cinema Theater and streaming among others (DeGeorge 345). Blockbuster was a reputable and renowned company in the early 2000s. It had over 80000 employees worldwide serving in various capacities in an estimated 9000 stores. However, increased competition from players such as Netflix and poor leadership contributed significantly to its demise. Despite majority of its outlets shutting down, Blockbuster is not entirely extinct. There is one store that remains open in Bend, Oregon that is widely known as the Last Blockbuster ( n.p). The company is currently heavily involved in the provision of streaming services including Blockbuster at Home and Blockbuster on demand packages. The advantage the company has over competitors stems from its low prices and strong global brand because it has been around for a longer time.
Part B
* It offers fixed and low prices.
* It provides its products and services globally.
* It is renowned for the provision of quality products and services.

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