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Assignment 1. A Firm Interested in Solving a Marketing Research Problem for (Essay Sample)


a) Pick a firm that you are interested in solving a marketing research problem for ( a company that you are interested in or famous one).
b) Provide a thorough description of the industry and the firm.
c) Perform a SWOT analysis of the firm and industry. Think critically about all the possibilities. This should be a very in-depth SWOT analysis. The secondary sources used for this SWOT analysis should be cited.
d) Based on this information, identify a marketing opportunity or marketing problem and state it in 2-3 sentences. Research the problem using secondary resources and provide references for your claims.

ps. use the reference and have a citation page in last page (not include in two pages)


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Assignment 1
A Firm Interested in Solving a Marketing Research Problem for
The Eastman Kodak Company, referred to as Kodak, is an American-based technology firm that ventures in camera-related services and products with a historical basis in photography. Kodak offers graphic communications, functional printing, packaging, as well as professional services for companies around the globe. Kodak’s main business segments include Micro 3D packaging and printing, consumer and film, software and solution, and print systems. At some point in the print history, the company was the undeniable heavyweight champion of the consumer-grade and professional photography of all time. The company’s Instamatic and brownie cameras, as well as its line of photographic papers and films, characterized it as one of the world’s best-known companies.

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