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Apple's CEO: Pros and Cons of Reducing Regulations (Essay Sample)


Please write to Apple's CEO


To: Apple’s CEO
From: (Name)
Date: November 29, 2017
Re: Pros and cons of reducing regulations
The intention of this letter is to state my understanding of the pros and cons of reducing regulations. Such as its impact on consumers, businesses and the society. I will also give suggestions as to what you, the CEO of the company, can do to keep the company running smoothly despite regulation reduction.
As we all know President Trump already signed an executive order to help thriving businesses, but concerns are starting to arise as early as now. However, there are 2 sides of this issue. On the one hand, it will be beneficial to our company because, since we are a large business, we are able to control regulatory agencies and after some time, we will have the potential to create a monopoly. In addition, small businesses will find it easy to expand and have constant growth to become key players in the market. Furthermore, the free market prices will start to drop and more consumers will buy goods. On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks regarding regulation reduction because there is a tendency for asset bubbles to burst and that may lead to recession. We might need to spend a lot on huge initial infrastructure costs, which may require government support. Moreover, the old rules have to be eliminated to make way for the new ones, which have to be the same in terms of dollar amount, this creates a risk of freezing the company’s compliance costs. This is a very possible loophole that I am seeing.
When President Trump approved the executive order, it meant a lot of things for business owners and consumers. I am concerned about this because it has lessened the protection for consumers, as well as the environment to help the expansion of businesses. As the CEO of the company, you can maintain the protection consumers receive when buying the product.
When President Trump signed the order, small business owners were present, and this could mean that they are a potential competition for us. They will have the opportunity to expand and grow because the law meant that there will be a limit to the cost of regulatory oversight regarding the federal government. If they are in their 1st years of the business, they have a tight margin, but they can still be seen as pot...
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