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Accounting Experience Related To Small Businesses (Essay Sample)


As I discussed in Class, as part of your first-year business experience, we are encouraging you to attend, and consider the possibility of participating in a Business organization on campus. Attached you will find a list of some of the organizations (Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Women in Business, Difference Maker, etc) and the contact information for those groups. Please attend a meeting or an organization sponsored event. In this written assignment, please describe and reflect on the experience of the Meeting or Activity you have participated in or attended.
if you attended the Salesforce event on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, you are able to reflect on that experience, summarizing what it was about, and what you took away from the event. If you are already part of a student business organization/society you can write about that experience, or if you would like to attend a business organization meeting a schedule is attached with meetings available this week. One event not listed is RENA (Real Estate Network Assoc. event on Tuesday, 4/3, 5:30 pm Saab Atrium, with two guest speakers.


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Business experience
I am a member of the Accounting Society, and my time there has really changed my perspective on accounting procedures regarding small businesses. Generally, entrepreneurs only concentrate on marketing and acquiring capital for their small businesses. However, they consider accounting procedures as only applicable to big business organizations. Nevertheless, Accounting society has demonstrated the need for small businesses to keep financial records. In this paper, I will give a brief accounting experience related to small businesses.
Accounting experience
Accounting is part of good practices that form the core of successful businesses. Therefore, it is important to keep records of every

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