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Positives and Negatives of Genetic Testing (Essay Sample)


This assignment addresses the positives and negatives of genetic testing. You should provide at least two positives and two negatives associated with genetic testing providing sources in addition to your textbook.
I donot know what kind the positives and negatives of genetic testing provide for book, so I upload some picture for you. If didnot say then you can find some insteresting stuff about positives and negatives of genetic testing.


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Positives and Negatives of Genetic Testing
Genetic testing involves critical examination and evaluation of genes using medical laboratory tests, at all stages of human existence, for various reasons. Some of the reasons include identifying genetic mutations that can assist in the diagnosis and choosing treatment methods. The novelty of genetic testing procedures and interpretation of results allows scientists to do genetic tests beyond the individual, extending the results to other family members with whom they have common genotypes that have an impact on their health. Nonetheless, there are various positives and negatives are associated with genetic testing.
Positives of Genetic Testing
Genetic testing is famed for its ability to give an accurate diagnosis of a genetic disease that can lead to timely treatment. For example, newborn genetic screening test gives early, and accurate diagnosis of a genetic disease, thus assisting in getting treatment early, getting involved in clinical trials while testing new therapies, and gives information on the likely risks that may be experienced in the subsequent pregnancies (Lewis 394). Accuracy and precision in diagnosis given by genetic testing lead to timely treatment of patients.
Additionally, genetic testing in children, chromosomal microarray test, helps in the diagnosis of children showing symptoms that do not match known syndromes (Lewis 394). Genetic testing in children helps in identifying rare genetic conditions, and also provides new diagnoses for tests to be conducted on a large scale to other children.
Genetic testing in adults has brought a number of positive benefits in the field of medicine. For example, Lewis notes that genetic testing can help in detecting an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer, for example, the BRCA test (395). Additionally, the military uses genetic testing to identify the remains, detect the likelihood of a disease that can put a soldier at risk, and also to easily diagnose a contagious disease on the combat zone (Lewis 395). Genetic testing is also critical in the diagnosis of various types of illnesses, including identification of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations (Mella et al. 2). Therefore, genetic testing has been beneficial in providing a diagnosis of various illnesses and medical conditions.
Another positive outcome associated with genetic testing is its ability to predict certain risks of mutations that can be passed from parents to children. Lewis notes that genetic testing has been used by many adults to identify various types of diseases and traits that are likely to be passed to their children (395). With such knowledge, parents and medical practitioners can better prepa

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