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Discussion 4: Hot And Cold Pasteurization (Essay Sample)



Pasteurization is an everyday process that uses heat to kill microorganisms that cause spoilage or disease. The time and temperature to which the product is heated depend on the product itself. For example, in case of milk, heating to 72 oC and holding for 15 seconds destroys pathogenic bacteria. Pasteurized products are not sterile, which means that they cannot be held at room temperature and need refrigeration. However, heat pasteurization is not suitable for all products. For example, dips like guacamole, hummus when heated, turn brown. Preservatives have garnered a negative connotation and consumers are demanding "cleaner" products with fewer preservatives. The answer to some of these problems seems to

High Pressure Processing.

High Pressure Processing uses pressures from 87000 to 10000 pounds per square inch at low temperatures (<45 oC) to process food. The foods are packaged in flexible pouches and subjected to high pressures. While this pressure is lethal to microorganisms, there is minimal effect on the taste, texture, appearance and nutritional value of the product itself.
The Prompt: What You Need to Do
Read the two assigned papers that discuss high pressure processing and some of the barriers. Find one more journal article on high pressure processing. Based on your research, discuss the advantages and barriers to expanding High pressure processing to all pasteurized products. Once you have written your post, respond to at least one of your classmate's post and post a meaningful reply.
1. HPP- Food Technology 2008Preview the document
2. High pressure is rising Preview the document
Details and Requirements: How to Get the Full Grade for This Discussion
Please take into account the following.
What are the most commonly pasteurized products?
Of these, which ones are currently processed using HPP?
Is it possible to process fruits using HPP so that they can have a longer shelf life?
Give at least 3 reasons why using HPP would be more advantageous than traditional heat pasteurization?
Explain at least 3 main barriers to using HPP universally?
Cite your sources (MLA format. Use scientific journal articles - check out the resources module for how to find articles for discussion posts)


Student`s Name
Discussion 4: Hot and Cold Pasteurization
For over a long time the process of pasteurization has been and is still being used to increase the shelf life of foods and other products. The traditional method involved the use of heat in thermal pasteurization. However, recent times have seen the emergence of new technologies in food and other products processing through the method of High Pressure Processing (HPP). Generally, pasteurization is used in the processing of products such as juices, alcoholic beverages, canned foods, water, dairy products, beer, milk, nuts, eggs, wines, syrups, and vinegar. Currently, some of these products are processed using the High Pressure Processing (HPP) method, especially where a longer shelf life and better quality are required. Examples of these are fresh juices, ready-to-eat meats, seafood, some dairy products, and processed fruits and various vegetables. Jasim and Hosahalli (3) found out that in the case of fruits and vegetables, HPP is a very effective processing method especially since it ensures better quality retention of color and nutrients.
To this end, HPP has proven to be an advantageous process compared to the traditional thermal pasteurization. To begin with, it is beneficial to food companies since the increased shelf life and improved safety of food products gives time for more new and innovative products to be produced. The shelf life is presumably relatively longer compared to that of products that undergo heat pasteurization. Consumers also enjoy the advantage of reduced amounts or absence of preservatives using HPP. The reverse is true for heat pasteurization, and this therefore

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