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HIV/AIDS Patient Simulation: HIV treatment (Essay Sample)


I. The Experience of an HIV/AIDS Patient: Patients with HIV/AIDS often take several different medications each day to reduce viral load, increase CD4 cell counts, fight opportunistic infections, increase nutrition and decrease the side effects of anti-retroviral drugs. Once a patient starts taking these medications they must be committed to keep taking that regimen exactly as it has been prescribed, otherwise they risk developing resistant strains with the ability to replicate unchecked, increasing the viral load, lowering CD4+ cell counts and accelerating the progression to AIDS.
Your assignment is to simulate being an HIV/AIDS patient for 7 days and keep a journal of the day's activities related to your medications for posting. Your treatment regimen consists of 14 different pills to be taken at 2 different times each day, along with at least 2 nutritious meals (having a balance of the different food groups). Have your friends and roommates help you to remember or set an alarm so that you can take your 'medicine on time'. You will keep a log of your treatment activity for each day stating if you missed your medication and had to take it later, if you could not wake up on time or did not remember to eat the correct meal or if you felt overwhelmed with the amount to be taken.
Medication Regimen: You can use any food item to represent these medications. Suggestions are M&Ms, Dots (different colors represent different meds), Cherries, grapes, strawberries, mini tomatoes, blueberries, peanuts, raisins or small cookies. You should clearly state which foods you used to represent your meds and should take a picture of your "medicine" on day 1 beside a copy of the collegian or other newspaper with that date clearly indicated on it to be uploaded with your journal (anything with a legitimate date would work including the TV or computer screen showing a dated program).
Each morning between 7am and 10am– Take your mineral supplements (2 pills) along with 4 anti-retroviral pills (these include 1 protease inhibitor, 2 NNRTIs and 1NRTI), and 2 prophylactic antibiotics that will help to prevent opportunistic infections.
Each evening between 5:00pm and 8:00pm – take 2 vitamin D tablets, 1 multivitamin tablet,1 tablet to counter neurological side effects of anti-retroviral drugs, 1 tablet to counter liver damage and 1 to lower cholesterol. These should be taken after or at the time that you are having a meal.
Once you have completed the assignment please, write a summary on what you have learned about HIV treatment. Upload your journal log to this assignment link to be graded. Also include a picture of your initial "medications" along with your post ensuring the date is there (ONLY TAKE PICTURE ON FIRST DAY).


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HIV/AIDS Patient Simulation
Summary about HIV treatment
Various drugs regimens can slow down the progression of HIV infection to AIDS. The medicines have the potential to slow the growth of the virus or stop it from replicating more in the body. Even though these drugs combination does not eliminate the virus from the body, however, they keep the amount of virus in the blood low. The main idea for admitting an HIV positive patient into Anti-Retroviral Drugs is to keep the viral load in the body. Many people confirmed positive is taking treatment and staying healthy as a result. Currently, the treatment of HIV is not a cure for HIV. However, it is administered to keep HIV under control.
The working mechanism of ARVs
Strict adherence to ARV therapy helps people living with HIV infection to stay healthy and productive. The ART mainly works by keeping the level of viral load in the body low. Increased viral load weakens the immune. Moreover, keeping the viral load low helps to prevent the HIV infection from being passed on to the partner. However, from this simulation session, I have learned that good health care and treatment plans make people living with HIV to adopt healthy productive life. Currently, staying with HIV is a manageable condition which can be addressed through proper diet and medication. A balanced diet and good nutrition improve the immunity of the patient wh

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