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Reinventing China Through Body Art Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


-Revised midterm paper( I attached the midterm paper to this order, please review and revised on that): Title, thesis argument, abstract paragraph, outline, list of caption, and full list of biblio
Contemporary Asia Research and Papers
Each student will select one contemporary Asian artist(I selected Chinese artist:Zhang Hua).
The student can research and write paper based on:
- 1 artist, a series of work, supported by postcolonial theory
-10-pagepaper(using at least 6+writers from class and at least 3+from library digital databases) with footnote, and list of bibliography
6 writers from class: Ai Weiwei, Wang Guangyi, Fang Lijun, Zhang Dali, Zhang Xiaogang, Yue Minjun



Contemporary Asia Thru Postcolonialism
China has always been – remains to be – misunderstood by outsiders and a new emerging generation no longer connected to a slipping past. Culturally, China is stereotyped as exotic, if not incomprehensible, by and in Western art and exhibitions. In more recent decades, contemporary Chinese art has been undergoing radical changes in an attempt to reclaim, or perhaps reimagine, China. In a postcolonial, post-Cultural Revolution period, however, Chinese art is hard pressed between official claims on country’s historical art, actual or imagined, to project a New China, and genuine experimentations spearheaded by leading avant-garde artists. Zhang Huan epitomizes a new wave of Chinese artists who, in unique subversion of conventional cultural and artistic conventions, redefine Chinese art (and cultural history) for international audiences eager to “decipher” a puzzling China, now in purely native voices. Using body as a strong mode and medium of expression, Huan recaptures a China, in diaspora and locally, long dismissed, intentionally or not, in a postcolonial understanding of China’s art and, by extension, culture. Specifically, Huan, one leading Chinese avant-garde artist, is discussed in a context of a postcolonial lens according to which native, not Eurocentric, approaches to modernism are adopted and increasingly promoted. This paper offers a broad overview of underlying dynamics in contemporary Chinese scene, proceeds to present an understanding of postcolonial art in Chinese context, provides an in-depth analysis of origins, influences and meanings in Huan, particularly in using body as and for art, and, finally, wraps up by a general conclusion.

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