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Who is A. Vivaldi Visual & Performing Arts Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Antonio Vivaldi is considered as one of the most prominent composers of the Baroque period. For this project:
Watch the 1-min video below
Write a brief biography of Vivaldi (max 500 words), a typical page with 1-inch margins, 12 point font, double spacing
Submit your assignment online through Canvas by either Text Entry option or File Uploads


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Antonio Vivaldi
Antonio Vivaldi was a Baroque writer born in 1678 in Italy. His father, Battista Giovanni, initially a hair cutter before enhancing to playing the violin, trained Vivaldi to play the violin. According to Kaltwasser (2015), Vivaldi was trained at an early age, considering the vast musical understanding by 24, when he got an appointment to work at the Ospedale Della Pieta. People considered him one of the prominent Baroque composers, and became famous globally during his life.
At the age of fifteen, Vivaldi started learning to become a priest, and the church ordained him at the age of 25. He was later nicknamed "The Red Priest" regarding his hair color, a family character. He composed his music for the all-female music collection of the Ospedale Della pieta, an orphanage, where he worked as a Catholic priest.

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