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Visual Analysis Of Seated Statue Of Hatshepsut (Essay Sample)


The essay is for an art history class. The specific instructions are in the attached word doc. Please follow them very carefully and e creative. Can you send me an outline as soon as possible? Thanks a lot.


The Seated Statue of Hatshepsut
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The Seated Statue of Hatshepsut
The object is known as the seated statue of Hatshepsut. It depicts the female ruler of the 18th dynasty who ruled Egypt at around 1479–1458 B.C. in the statue she is dressed like a male pharaoh although she fails to have the false beard often worn by pharaohs. It was discovered by Rogers Fund in 1927 alongside other mummies who like hers had been broken into pieces after her death by her co-ruler and nephew named Thutmose III in an attempt to erase her from the history of the rulers of Egypt.
On the provided statures, Hatshepsut is portrayed in her ceremonial attires that depict the image of an Egyptian pharaoh. Traces of blue color are primarily visible in the hieroglyphs on the back and front head of the sculpture. This clearly shows that that the memes head cloth were primarily printed with the yellow and blue. Because she fails to have the traditional beard her face appears more feminine although some of the details of her face have been altered with. She is one of the few female rulers who declared herself king sometime during 2-7 years into the reign of her nephew. She is dressed in the full attire of a pharaoh including a throne with the name Maatkare inscribed in it a name frequently associated with her monuments. Her name and that of her throne are both inscribed inside beneath the oval cartouches making them almost impossible to not recognize. In the monument, she has the names-headcloth and shendyt-kilt which are the ceremonial attire for a king in Egypt a role that was traditionally reserved for men. Her look portrays a sense of nobility that was meant for a king. She seems to be composed and poised with her head slightly elevated to show a sense of pride and a dignified bearing. The symmetrical foundation of the monument is provided by the high base and the rectangular throne. From the paint residue on the collar and nemes of the statue, one can be able to tell that it was originally painted. The statue is dressed in th

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