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Underlying Elements That Made The Matrix A Success (Essay Sample)


You need to write about Underlying elements that made the Matrix a success. No first person.


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Underlying elements that made the Matrix a success
The movie Matrix highlights the fight between human beings and machines through the protagonist Neo who is living a double life. He is a computer programmer during the day and a hacker at night fall. He gets to be enlightened and incorporated into the band of freedom fighters who are trying to save humanity from extinction and who believe that he is the Chosen One. Neo gets to understand that the matrix is actually a complex computer simulation and a resultant of malevolent artificial intelligence that enabled the growth of machines by using human beings as ongoing energy sources. The simulation had managed to distort the reality of the situation in the world which was that it was then a ravaged wasteland and in which the humans were enslaved by the machines. The essay therefore purports to examine and discuss how the directors of the movie used elements such as visual effects, lighting, sound and costumes to differentiate between the different worlds.
The movie intended to showcase the world as it is currently and another in the future that is technologically more advanced and under the influence of artificial intelligence and machines. As a result, the directors successfully incorporated visual and special effects in various scenes throughout the movie. Musburger defines visual effects as “any imagery created, altered or enhanced for a film or other moving media that cannot be accomplished during live action shooting” (Musburger 67). The matrix specifically centered on the bullet time technique that fused the use of a virtual camera filming subjects moving extremely slow. It is impossible to freeze time in the current world but the various fight sequences in the movie provided a vicarious visual thrill where it was like time had stopped hence allowing the viewers to

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