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Theatre Articles Paper: The Actor Incorporates (Essay Sample)


Throughout the semester I shall be sending you as attachments to emails a variety of articles from the New York Times concerning theatre both here in New York and elsewhere in the US and other countries.  These articles may have a connection to what we are studying or not.

You are required to download and save these articles and, of course, read them  By the due date listed you are to write up at least two pages on three of the articles you found most interesting. 

Here are some guidelines as to what the content of your reviews of these articles is to be:

1)     The title, author, and date of the article

2)     What caught your attention to make you write about this article?

3)     Did you learn something from the article you never knew before?

4)     What is your opinion as to the actual writing in the article?

5)     Why did you like this particular article

6)     Did the article lead you to find out more about the topic?

What was your overall impression of the article?  Does it address the topic well?


Articles Review
The article that is titled, Actors' Equity Speaks Out Against ‘Rocktopia' Over Pay For Chorus Members is by Caitlin Huston and presents some very insightful information about the way that performers are treated by the association under which they perform (Huston). It is rather distressing when one reads about performers being paid $215 for a week's worth of work. These are exploitation for the performers, especially where the reasons cited are that they do not appear on stage. Reading through the article, it was also enlightening to note that contracts are a major part of being a performer. This pushes the agencies to commit to the terms of employment (Huston). In reference to the article and the way that it is written, I would like to point out that, it is quite authentic relative to the fact that, it does not give the opinion of the writer but rather the insights from some of the industry leaders and the opinions on the issue (Huston). For this same reason, I liked as it gives the actual situation on the ground other than giving opinionated content from the author. As a reader, I am able to find out more about the topic and this is with reference to reliable information. Ideally, the article addresses the topic with finality and compresses the information to the crucial parts (Huston).
In the article, The Actor Incorporates by Helene Stapinski, which was published on 22nd March 2018, the author explains to the readers the developments that are taking place in the creative industry with reference to the new tax directives (Stapinski). Mainly the author

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