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FAR1500 Assignment: Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony (Essay Sample)


After attending each seminar, students must write a paper using information the guest speaker presented to objectively describe what they expect to experience (see/hear/feel) in the performance. Additionally, they will need to research and reference at least two (2) academic articles, or reviews of the production or books through the Ohio University Library website to discuss the themes/styles/context of the performances. More instructions will be given per performance. Papers must be on topic to count for credit. Papers must be at least 250 words but no longer than 2 pages (not including the work cited). I will stop reading once I reach the third page. Anything not covered in 2 pages will not be counted (not including the work cited).POST-PERFORMANCE Papers (14 points each):After attending each performance, students must write am analytical paper using specific examples from the production to state if the performance was effective in its purpose. Papers must be ontopic to count for credit.CONTENT EXPLAINED1. THESIS STATEMENT (2 points)Create a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph of your paper answering the questions: What do you think the performance was trying to achieve? Do you feel the purpose of the performance wasdemonstrated and communicated well?2. CONCRETE EXAMPLES (2 points)Use a minimum of 2 specific examples from the production to support your thesis. At least one examplemust be from the first half of the performance and at least one example must be from the second half.3. DESIGN ASPECTS (2 points)In addition to the performance of the actors, musicians, and dancers, evaluate the effectiveness of at least two design aspects. Choose from lighting, sound design, special effects, costuming, scenery, and/orprops. What was it about these aspects made them outstanding? How do they support your analysis of the purpose of the performance?4. REFERENCE TO PRE-PERFOMANCE PAPER (2 points)Using at least two examples from the pre-performance lecture and/or research, how does the work youcompleted prior to the performance affect your experience of the production? How does the researchand/or lecture support your thesis?


Jane Smith
Paper #4, Hamlet
FAR 1500
Symphonic Bands and Wind Symphonies are one of the most spectacular performances that I've ever heard of. Wind Symphonies are mostly performances which only consists of wind and percussion instruments without any stringed ones, such as viola, violin, and cello amongst others (Contra Costa Wind Symphony). The reason why I believe that the performance would be as spectacular as those that I've watched before is that the use of only wind instruments create a unique vibe and ambiance that surrounds the whole place while it is being performed. And because this is a “symphony”, I strongly believe that the performance would most likely be in four movements. Symphonies in the history of music are almost always divided this way, where it starts with an “opening sonata”, proceeding to a slow movement (Adagio), then to a minuet and/or scherzo with trio, and ending either with an Allegro, a rondo, or another sonata (Libin). This traditional flow from a slow start to a vibrant end has characterized some of the most of famous sonatas in the history of Western music, such as the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven and the Clair de lune by Debussy. On one hand, the Moonlight Sonata presents a romantic yet broad approach towards the performance as it transitions from one movement to another. On the other hand, the Clair de Lune is more mannered and “tamed” (if I may call it) that it has a lesser range as compared to the Moonlight Sonata. In light of this difference between the two, it is apparent that sonatas, despite having the same structure, could be very much different in terms of the mood. Thus, before watching the video, I could feel a sense of excitement to know how the performers would approach this mood, amongst others characteristics of the performance. An excitement to know how the conductor would use the different musical elements such as tone, texture, and tempo to craft a piece like I've never heard before. Aside from the music itself, I believe that the performers would also utilize some visual elements such lighting and projection. Most orchestras use visual elements subtly in order to emphasize different sections of it depending on who's playing. In general, the lighting could perha

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