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Stonehenge (Essay Sample)

Use your textbook and the internet for your research. Write 300 words about Stonehenge. What was the possible function(s) of Stonehenge? source..
Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Stonehenge The Stonehenge stands out amongst some of the famous sites across the world and it is located in Wiltshire, England. Archeological tests carried out at the site have provided evidence that indicates that the site was built between 3000 BC and 2000 BC. However, different archeologists have come up with different time ranges depending on theories that have been developed. Pillars of stones that are arranged in a large circular ring form the Stonehenge monument. The monument had various uses that have been documented to date with the first one being that it was used as a burial ground. Archeological evidence indicates that there were more than two hundred people buried at the site with the evidence further pointing to cremations. It is believed that majority of those buried at the site were noble men and local leaders (Steves and Openshaw, 468). The monument was used for holding major ceremonies such as cleansing and thanksgiving. The cleansing rituals carried out involved the smearing of blood and it was believed that those with various diseases would be cured. The monument played an important role in the agricultural sector due to its astronomical use by the locals. It was used to monitor different seasons through observation of the sun’s movement. Agriculture in Britain was dependent on seasons and thus the monument played an important role. The monument functioned as a unification symbol for Britain a fact that can be traced to the duration of its construction. A very large workforce built t...
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