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Regional image from 16th century (Essay Sample)

this paper is about regional image from 16th century. the paper has to have info about this regional image which Pennsylvania map which in this website http://www(dot)mapsofpa(dot)com/antiquemaps0.htm source..
Regional image from 16th century
Pennsylvania was originally the home of the Shawnee, Delaware, Susquehannock, and the Iroquois Indians until in the 17th century ( Mattison, 26). Although there many printed maps on Pennsylvania, as described by Burden that there are 132 maps in total, some only include the same maps with similar names or only include a piece of one state. This therefore gives us a conclusion that there are only two printed Pennsylvania maps in the 16th century (Silver, 40).
Below is an outline of the development of the Pennsylvania state in the 16th century:
In 1519 a Spanish manuscript which contained the map of the future Pennsylvania was reintroduced by Lopo Homen. This however, brought about some problems in distinguishing where the particular coastline was to be represented in the East coast map (“Books Received” 336)
In 1527, a map was described by Winsor in the Ambrosian library, indicating where the East coast of North America lies. He did this by showing that Tera Florida laid at the top while Lavoradore lied at the bottom of the manuscript map. Later in 1540, an anonymous map describes the North Atlantic coast (Silver, 42). The map was held at The Hague which was formally known as Koninklijke Bibliotheek. East coast was later discovered by Estevan Gomez who was a pilot in 1545. This manuscript map only showed the New England part indicating the coast from California to the Newfound land.
A vallard atlas was brought forth in 1547 describing the regional map of North America. This atlas showed that there were French and Indian settelers at the southern top and bottom of the map. There is an advanced version of the regional maps created by Giacomo Gastaldi,Terra Nveva, indicating how Pennsylvania came about. The voyages from the Verrazzano, 1524, came about with the map after making trip to the Hudson estuary and Carolina coast (Utsumi, 27). Another map which was esblished in 1550 by an unknmown French Dieppe group shows the eeast coast of North America from Labrador to florida. A manusxcript atlas La Nouvelle France is brought forth in 1556; it also contains a map by the name Terra Nveva. Terra Nveva map which was the second map to be printed to describe the region of American coast in 1561 defines Pennsylvania which was named L’arcadia (Prochnau, 19). There are several maps that were brought forth descibeing Pennsylvania, and...
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