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Punch-Drunk Love Visual & Performing Arts Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Watching the movie Punch-Drunk Love (2002) directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and wirte a response paper.
How does the film make use of visual storytelling through mise en scene and cinematography to reinforce or subvert the narrative?
What message or theme do you take away from the film due to this?
I am more concerned with your overall argument and the analysis that you use to support it than structural elements (grammar and organization do still count though).
Write for an audience who has seen the film. There is no need for summary.
Cite examples including specific shots and visuals as well as direct quotes of dialogue to highlight what you find interesting about the film.
Look over the textbook Chapter 1, Chapter 4 (Mise En Scene) and Chapter 5 (cinematography) and the slideshows to get an idea for some of the terms you can use to describe the things you are seeing.
Feel free to use comparisons to other films and incorporate external information, sources such as filmmaker interviews or critical analysis, but be sure to cite them in text if you do.
Textbook (Film Art: An Introduction 11th Edition By David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson and Jeff Smith Copyright: 2017 ISBN: 9781307045291)
Attached are the slideshows. Please read them before writing the paper.


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Punch-Drunk Love
Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Punch-Drunk Love is a romantic-drama film. The story of this 2002 movie revolves around a psychologically disturbed protagonist who tries to behave like a normal person on the surface. Interesting events take place as the movie unfolds and Barry (Adam Sandler) falls in love with Lena (Emily Watson). Punch-Drunk Love is unique in its form and brings many aspects of arthouse cinema to big screen masterly. The mise-en-scene and cinematography are two major forms of the film that reinforce the narrative on the audience and keep everyone invested in Barry’s journey. In this paper, I am going to talk about these two forms in detail. I will use stills from the movie. It is not possible to detach the two forms; so, I will discuss them together.

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