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Visual & Performing Arts
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Music Visual & Performing Arts Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


at least three scholarly sources, and you only need to write 1 and 2.
just do first and second
idk if it is clear enough


Assignment for non-performers 0ue; 2/a/20
The following assignment is a requirement for students in Band whose attendance or participation was insufficient to allow them to perform in concert. The student's grade on this evaluation will entirely replace the concert participation portion of the Band final grade. If you do not complete this assignment, you will receive ZERO POINTS. If it is determined that you did your best to make an accurate and interesting report, then you can earn up to an A for this assignment and it will replace your concert grade. An "A" report will present important information in an interesting and exciting way.
The assignment is due in electronic form by 11:59, February 4th to ilee(5) No credit will be given for late work. All answers must be in complete sentences.
1. The HS Band portion of the concert featured repertoire in the styles of Rock, Blues, and Jazz.
First, describe what makes each style of music unique as well as what are some similarities and differences. What are the characteristics of each style? Take into consideration the rhythms, tempos, and instruments of each style.
Second, tell me about the history of your instrument in each of the 3 styles. For example, if you play guitar, describe the importance of the guitar through the years. What kind of a role did it play? Did it take center stage or was it on the sidelines? What year did it become popular? Etc.....
Third, look at each piece of music (Drama For Your Mama, Bluesville, All 'Dem Leaves) and tell me exactly where (which measure) in each piece your instrument has the melody, harmony, the supporting role, or the lead. I want to know that you know what you are playing, when you should be playing it, and where it should be played in each piece.Write a 4-5 page (1000 words) paper in your own words about the categories listed above. You must cite at least 3 scholarly sources.


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Visual & Performing Arts
Jazz music was developed from a combination of many cultures, such as American, African, and European. It was developed in the 20th century in the southern part of the United States by the African American communities (Clarisse, 3). It was mostly played during occasions such as mourning, entertainment, plantation, and mega celebrations. The music was played using different instruments such as guitars, trumpets, double bass, drum kit, saxophone, and clarinet. Moreover, the music uses a variety of rhythm, which includes a blue note that is sung at the lowest pitch, swung note which lops sides both long and short beats, and regular spaced strong and weak beats. Jazz music is hard to understand and requires attention (Jay, 3). However, it is known to have soul-searching and expressive emotion characteristics.
Blue music was also developed in the 19th century in the southern part of the United States. The music was developed from mixed work songs, African American folk music, and spiritual songs (Jay, 1). The music was played with many instruments, which included guitars, trombone, saxophone, drums — harmonica, piano, vocals, and sometimes fiddle. Solo guitarist and vocalist often performed the music, and its storyline was mostly about poverty, woes of life lost love, and mistreatment. The music used melancholic, slow, and sharp tones, which increased it’s widespread in the early 20th century (Clarisse, 5).

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