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"Playwright Festival": La Mujer Barbuda (Essay Sample)


I have the blurbs for each of the plays in Playfest this year to help you decide which one to go to. As a reminder, you only need to go to one, not all three.
I am decided on going to this one:

La Mujer Barbuda
Two women. Four breasts. One beard.
Maggie is an American airline pilot and new mother. When she tries to pump breast milk in the cockpit, she finds herself in a near plane crash––and that's not even the worst of it. Magdalena is a 17th century Italian weaver and new mother. When she suddenly grows a beard and has a baby at age fifty, she sets off a domestic and civil crisis––and that, too, is not even the worst of it. La Mujer Barbuda explores the intersecting lives of two women, separated by time and space and united in the struggle to thrive as a mother in a man's world.
Please search the reference that can support the thesis in this pre-performance paper.
Key Word: Woman pilot


La Mujer Barbuda
The piece is about two women who are from different time frames. Maggie is an American pilot and she's also a new mother. When she tries to pump milk for her child while at work on the plane, she finds herself nearly crashing the plane. The other character is Magdalena, in a painting, who is from the 17th century and a weaver and a new mother as well (Ohio University). Suddenly, she grows a beard and gets a child at the age of fifty.
The piece thus largely majors on the elements of the roles that women play in the society relative to those that are played by men. This is the subtle inspiration behind the choice of the piece as it touches on the social inequalities and gender roles, all of which are controversial.
The research that was conducted in this case is in reference to gender roles and how they have impacted the relationships between men and women (Russo). Specifically, the research narrowed down on the woman pilot

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