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My Playlist while doing tasks. Comfortably Numb Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Create a playlist of five pieces of music/songs that you would use to accompany some task - working out, cleaning, driving, cooking etc. - that would last between 20 and 30 minutes. Write a no more than two page paper that documents the playlist. Your paper must address the following points (the rubric) to receive full credit:
The titles, performers, composers, recording label, and (when possible) a link for each piece/song.
How you classify each piece/song both in terms of traditional genres (blues, rock, k-pop etc.) and in terms of energy, emotion and sophistication. (psychographics)
Describe the task the music will support and why you chose this music and this particular order of the pieces/songs.
Grading will be based on completeness of the assignment and clarity of the writing. You may list the songs in bullet point format but the rest of the assignment must be written in complete sentences using paragraph structure. DO NOT SUBMIT AUDIO FILES.


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My Playlist While Completing Tasks
While at home, nothing is more refreshing for me than listening to a song and cooking in the kitchen. I remain busy the whole day – sometimes with my studies and sometimes with the house itself. From cleaning the rooms and kitchen to washing the clothes to preparing the delicious meal for the family, I love doing everything myself, and when my parents admire me for my efforts and talk about my well-disciplined home and good grades in the class, it makes me happy and satisfied. I feel that music is the food for the soul as it keeps me happy and does not let me feel alone. Like various people, music is one of the most important parts of my life. My taste consistently changes based on what I am doing and how I feel. From indie pop to electronic to jazz, I love listening to all types of songs. The following ones are my favorites.

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