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Music and language. Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Course Assignment 3: RESEARCH ESSAY
1500 words, including the reference page (double-spaced, 12-pt font in Times New Roman, in the default format of a Word document, with 2.54 cm margins on all sides)
use APA or MLA
Any assignment that is not within this word limit or does not conform to this format will not be accepted as having been submitted.
The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have determined the main argument, the structure, and the process of reasoning for your final essay.
1. Choose your research topic from the ones listed below
2. For your essay proposal, provide a short first paragraph in which you situate the reader and present your thesis.
3. Then (in approximately three short, yet well-developed, central paragraphs). Present a summary of the main points in your argument. Remember that a thesis must take a position that demands a process of reasoning (what step goes first and why, which goes second and why, etc.) in order to prove your argument.
4. Having briefly presented this argument, provide a concluding one- or two-sentence final paragraph in which you expand outwards to think about the logical and interpretive implications of this argument to the larger work.
5. At least 3 resources
The final element of this proposal is a page listing three secondary reference works (articles, chapters in books, other relevant documents) that you will use to support your argument. Use scholarly sources only. Do not use encyclopaedias. Do not use Google. Use the University of Ottawa database to locate online articles. For each reference, state in a well-developed sentence or two the main point of the source and its purpose in your essay.


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Music and Language
Language and music have been in tight collaboration since the ancient times. The two go hand in hand in terms of form and the manner in which they support each other. Music is critical to most of us and tellingly, most listeners are choosy when it comes to genre and musical components that make up music. Different music genres elicit different emotions and music can be used in literature to represent different emotions, lack of emotions and to covey other expressions. Not all messages are understood fully in fiction stories and other literary works, and music is used to ensure that the message gets understood well and that emotion or lack of emotion can is understood either immediately or a few moments after reading. Music also offers encouragement and amplification and support tentative and valuable dispositions and emotions. A Wagner Matinee and The second bakery attack are two perfect stories that have various examples of the application of musical elements in literature to show emotions, struggle for fulfillment, and to indicate what it means to be human.
One of the reasons musical elements engage listeners emotionally is that each element expresses a different emotion. Music writers and performers take advantage of the strong emotional effects of music (Pagliaro & Michael 16). The film industry has also capitalized on the strong emotional effects of musical components to convey emotion and other strong feelings. 

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