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Music Journal #3 (Essay Sample)

For Journal #3 only, you are to devote your posting to a discussion of music of your own choice, music of personal interest to you, ( Do Jazz, and Hip-hop) .....NO SOURCES PLEASE..... The purpose of the is not to report on music, but rather to write about your reactions to music. Please see the examples on the attachments. source..
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Despite the inability of reggae music to stir me, I found it extremely hard to resist this piece by reggae musicians.  I am just impressed and amazed by every bit of blended sound instruments that was harmoniously used.  I realized that the work of reggae artists is complete with genius.  This experience came after I attentively listened to a composition by renowned artists like Lucky Dube, in the winter gala of South Africa. His composition raised my urge to listen to other such music. Previously I had always wondered why people would sit in an auditorium devotedly listening to reggae music. However, now I’m fully aware and even would wish the opportunity comes round soon so that I can be the first in the auditorium.
Reggae music is revered by many for its tradition of social criticism contained in its’ lyrics. However, many reggae compositions discuss lighter and extremely personal subjects, such as love and socializing. A considerable number of artists also utilize religious themes in their music. Another frequent socio-political topic in reggae songs revolve around Black Nationalism, anti colonialist, as well as anti capitalist ideals.
For instance, the reggae shows I attended made me learn a lot from their compositions. I concluded that he was a devoted model whose productions had content to entertain and educate society. That night in Johannesburg stage was the greatest opportunity for the icon. When the unique Hamm...
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