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Khafre Visual & Performing Arts Essay. Chose one artwork to write on (Essay Sample)


Chose one artwork to write on. You'll discuss both stylistic significance and cultural context of the one work.
The length should be about 750 words or 3 pages double spaced. Longer is fine IF you are concise.
Use Turnitin
Use at least two scholarly sources outside of the modules
Cite your sources
Your essay must be written in complete sentences, have well-developed and focused paragraphs, include a brief introduction and thesis, and have a conclusion.

The first part should be on the stylistic significance of the piece you chose from below. For the stylistic characteristics you should address the following points:
Analyze the its stylistic significance by discussing important stylistic developments that have influenced the piece and discuss how the piece predicts stylistic developments that follow, establishing why it is significant. Explain how it represents the period's style, and use art history terminology
Identify the name of the piece, the artist (if known), and the period.
Explain why is this artwork is stylistically significant.
Discuss how it represents the style of art typically associated with this period.
Discuss if it represents innovations of the era.
Identify stylistic influences that can be seen in this piece by connecting it to other pieces.
include art vocabulary
THEN, the second part of your essay should address the cultural significance of the same piece. For the cultural significance you should address the following points:
Discuss key historical figures associated with the piece, if relevant
Explain how cultural values, ideas or traditions that are represented in the piece
Historical events that are associated with the piece
Historical context of the piece
Identify cultural relationships in the work
Consider: Why is it important to art history? How does the work reflect its cultural, social, historical, or political significance? What does it tell us about the culture that produced it? What function did it serve in its society, and how does it help us to understand the period in which it was made?
Good sources include:
Our AAU Library website!!! to access scholarly publications through databases such as JSTOR and the Oxford Dictionary of Art Online (AAU Library website) Please refer back to step by step instructions posted the "Requirements..." thread. The best sources are here and you can read everything ONLINE for free!
Professional art historical publication (magazine or journal, can be online) such as The Art Bulletin
Scholarly professional website (for example, a museum, research institute or university)
Nonfiction book published within the last 50 years
An art history textbook (such as Gardner's Art Through the Ages, Janson's History of Art: The Western Tradition, or Schneider-Adams's Art Across Time)
Credible professional websites, such as those of museums, galleries, and universities, for example:
The Getty Center
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Please don't use or cite Wikipedia for your research, (but you can start here and check the page's references); try to use .org and .edu sites;
Good site for citing references and avoiding plagiarism. http://plagiarism(dot)org/citing-sources/overview


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July 19, 2018
Khafre enthroned is an iconic statue that is kept in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt. Over time, the whole piece has been regarded as an essential part of human history as it represents the culture that existed in ancient times. According to scholars, the piece was a funerary statue dedicated to Khafre, a once powerful pharaoh that lived in Egypt in 2570 BC (Encyclopædia Britannica). However, while many have revered this in its beauty and mysterious appeal, historians also refers to its design as being representative of its own culture and time when it was created. In this article, I would expound on the importance of the Khafre Enthroned concerning design, as well as what these mean. Other pieces of art that would be similar and connected to the Khafre would also be focused on. All in all, the author believes that by trying to understand the stylistic significance of this art, a broader understanding of the culture behind it would follow. A culture where pharaohs dominated Egypt as divine beings.

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