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I.o.T for Interior Designers (Essay Sample)


Instructions / Constraints



1. Use few or no quotations. However, if you copy someone else’s words, put those in quotes and cite your source fully. (Any standard approach to citations will do; be consistent with your citation format)

2. You may use the abbreviation IoT or i.o.t. if you wish (apply it consistently).




1. (1-3 sentences) Define the internet of things in your own words. Please do not include quotations.


2. What will be the role of the interior designer in tomorrow's age of the internet of things? In a short essay, build an argument that demonstrates the ways the internet of things might effect the practices of the interior architect or designer. You may wish to consider ethical questions if they are relevant to your argument.


Related reading

Your essay should reflect an understanding of the relevant reading, in addition to any ideas you gained from class and discussion.

Reading: Justin McGuirk, “Honeywell, I’m Home! The Internet of Things and the New Domestic Landscape,” e-flux journal 64, April, 2015.

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I.o.T for Interior Designers
Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical things that have software sensors, electronics, and connectivity embedded in them to enable exchange of data with its operator or manufacturer and other connected objects. The computing system embedded in them allows identification of each object and they all operate within the given internet. The IoT offers advanced connection for devices, services, and systems. This type of connectivity goes in every field into variety of devices such as the biochip, farm animals, implants, and automobiles with inbuilt sensors. They collect useful data from these objects and flow it to other devices. A real life example of such devices includes the WIFI and smart thermostat systems.
Internet of things is another task for interior designers to add to their plan. Gadgets are increasingly using Bluetooth and wireless technologies to communicate with other devices. Interior designers should take the next generation of interconnectivity to a new level. Hence, internet of things involves not only servers and computers but also incorporates security systems, automobiles, and household appliances. Growing popularity of digital services offer new features especially from the force behind them, which is adoption of mobile applications and smartphones.
Growing trend of home appliances has smartphone interconnectivity and this ranges from dryers, refrigerators...
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