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Final Paper. 40 Weeks of Pregnancy. Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Final paper: discuss a group of related images; specify their relation and how the juxtaposing of these images contributes to a reading of them. Length: 5 pages.
The second paper asks you discuss a group of images and how they might relate to each other. How does the group suggest or contain meanings that a single image alone might not convey? There are many ways to think about this because it is important to understand that images usually do not come to us individually but in bunches.
So, I would ask you first to identify the group. Are the pictures
From a family album or collection?
Chosen by you to illustrate a theme (you acting as curator)? Or by someone else in an exhibition? In a book?
Taken from a public or private archive – police file, natural history museum, corporate file, engineering archive, medical records, commercial photo studio?
Gathered apparently at random, say in a photo store?
Presented on a social media platform, either by one person or by several people?
Taken by one person at different points in their or if they are an artist, in their career?
Of a certain type, format or genre: landscape, portrait, cyanotype or carte de visite?
Taken or grouped together in a time sequence (yes, you can talk about a movie and how it’s particular themes relate to each other and the overall structure)?
Taken or grouped together in a typology (water towers, fruit, certain kinds of houses, empty billboards, etc.)?
Organized to tell a story; if so what and how?
These are just some of the ways pictures come in groups. I want you to explore how the pictures connect to each other. If they come from a particular source, what do they illuminate about that source? About a type or genre? About a subject or theme? If they all come from a single photographer, tell me what they reveal about the photographer, the themes, the career, the life. If a type or genre, say wedding photographs, tell me what you discover about the genre from the pictures. Are they basically the same? If so why? If they are different, why might that be? Are there more reasons or approaches to making wedding pictures? If you focus on a book, you must talk about sequencing, text, etc. If they are in an exhibition, where are the pictures placed and how do they communicate with you and each other?
These are just some of the questions you might ask.
Five pages. Please include visual examples but these do not count in our page numbers.

Footnote all references and quotations!!!!


Student Last Name 1
Student Name
Professor Name
40 Weeks of Pregnancy
Fig. 1. Stella Von Burgsdorff in a 40-week documentation of her first pregnancy from Stella Von
Burgsdorff; “Photo Project: 40 Weeks of Pregnancy”; Stellarize Your Life;, 17 Nov. 2016,
Student Last Name 2
Telling is a story, or storytelling, is integral to human experience. For as far back as nomadic cultures, humans are obsessed by documentation of day-to-day and major events in life. The purpose for documentation might not have changed over millennia. If anything, humans appreciate memories. To keep a memory lively, documentation, in all forms and by all means, is part of human experience. The means whereby a memory is kept alive, or recreated, have changed, however, over years. The pace by which an event progresses (and kept) in memory has also changed. Specifically, early human experiences, in pre-historic periods and on until very recently, have undergone little, to no, change. The nature was – is – a still landscape changing only upon major actualities. In a modern world, human interest has changed inwards and has made as of central focus human inner experiences. 

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