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Blackmail 1929 Silent Film Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


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Blackmail 1929 Silent Film
Blackmail is a work by Alfred Hitchcock, which was based on a play by Charles Bennett. The film is a brilliant film even if Hitchcock was not granted the ending that he wanted. Studios rejected the director’s preferences regarding commercial grounds. The storyline of the movie deviates from the plot of the play. This gave the score a synergy with a narrative form that is from Hitchcock. Blackmail, which was made in 1929, was one of the pioneers of sound feature created by the British Film Industry. Obviously, the Film was able to garner much awards as a critical and commercial hit. It was even awarded the best British movie in 1929.
The movie was designed as a silent movie, however, throughout the shooting process, the director was able to transform his work into a film wherein he could innovate. He was especially enthusiastic about the opportunities to discover new ways of tinkering with theatrics and cinematography through the use of sound. The production team continued to publish two versions of Blackmail. One was a completed silent version, and another was a sound version. The silent version of the film became more popular because during those times, there were not too many theatre places that were equipped with sound feature.
The plot of the movie is simple yet touching and emotionally upheaving. The protagonist is Young Alice White, and her husband detective Frank Webber. They are seen having a fight inside a restaurant, and by which Alice departs with a handsome stranger. The stranger was actually a famous artist, who then invites Alice to his studio. The artist was able to persuade Alice by telling her that he will paint her in a circus outfit. However, the artist is not able to control his lust and he tries to make love to her against her will. In self defense, Alice unintentionally kills him with a knife, by stabbing him to death. Webber is assigned to th

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