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Kroger Food Store Field Work (Essay Sample)

For this assignment you need to do some fieldwork. Go to a single grocery store and examine some of the products. You can go to any food or grocery store (Kroger, Vale Mart, etc.) Don't worry about the actual address of the store I can just plug it in later. The best grocery store I would suggest Kroger. Your goal is to find how far our food travels—get a good mix of places. Select foods that are non-convenience and minimally processed in a short paper (2-3 pages). Which store was your field site? Where was it located? Why did you select this store? You may have to examine many items to find a good mix of distances, but write about 7-8 items. For each food: Identify what it is: the brand, size, packaging, price, etc. In which aisle/selection did you find it? Where did it come from (country/state of origin)? Which continent? How far did it travel? Use the Google Maps Distance Calculator on the internet to calculate approximate distance to Kentucky. You will receive one point for finding items from each of the 6 populated continents (Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North/Central America and South America). Which items traveled the furthest? Did anything about this surprise you? Explain. source..
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Kroger Food Store Field Work
Kroger food store located at Tri country parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio is the largest grocery store in the US. The company has other stores located in all the states with a variety of food products. This report details seven food items found on its shelves, their packaging, size and origin. The food items on review are from the meat and fish section, pink salmon, fresh pork, fresh vegetable salads, chicken, asparagus, organic green beans and carrots. The store was selected because of the wide food variety and the varied packaging, and pricing as compared to local grocery sellers.
Salmon and meats are found in the meat and food section at the right hand, back of the store. Fish sold in the store is under the seafood counter within this section and includes salmon among other fish like cod, crab and shrimps. Of interest for this fieldwork is salmon, especially the canned pink salmon, which is a seasonal product, available from the month of May (Kroger 1). This fish originates from Alaska`s Copper River, approximately 4,000 kilometres from Kroger. The fish is packed from the smallest size of 63 grams or a quarter a cup, sold at $18 per pound. Fresh Tyson, skinless chicken breast pieces can be found in the meat section of the store, with the smallest pack being 85 grams or 3ounces, costing at $1.99 per lb. However, chicken is also packed with different pieces like the chicken thighs or drumsticks sold at $1.19 per lb with the smallest package size as 3 ounces (Kroger 1). There is also the Tyson, boneless chicken breasts pack of 2.25 to 2.7 lb a bag costing at $6.99. These Tyson boneless chicken breasts are 10 cent...
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