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Zuccaire Gallery, Wang Center, Simons Center or Alloway Gallery (Essay Sample)


Write a 250-350 word blog post about any exhibition on campus. You are encouraged to write about “Double Portrait” at the Zuccaire Gallery. You may also write about an exhibition at the Zuccaire Gallery, Wang Center, Simons Center or Alloway Gallery in Melville Library.
Be sure to include the exhibition title and location of the gallery. (Double Portrait at the Zuccaire Gallery)You can choose one theme or idea to write about, or relate the exhibition to issues happening in the world today. Be as specific as possible: select specific pieces to talk about, describe the art work, provide the name(s) of the artist(s) you are describing. Do not try to say too much, keep to a single theme/idea/artist and describe why this was significant to you.
Use an accessible and engaging writing style. Write it in a way that is informative but also makes people want to see the show.


My Experience in the Zuccaire Gallery
The wood pedestal, Nebraska carved bird and driftwood and “science project” beach balls, motor, machined parts were exhibited at the Zuccaire Gallery. The 2015 “wood pedestal, Nebraska carved bird and driftwood” was presented by an anonymous artist. Nancy-Friedemann- Sбnchez featured the artwork in her presentation and the work represents nature. Driftwood is one of the most commonly used in making sculptures. The base of the picture enhances the carving rather than dominates it. The choice of the wood pedestal is to emulate bird settings and enhance the bird. The bird has green, blue, red, yellow and black colors, and this emphasizes t

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