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Essay on the Apu Trilogy. Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


The class is a movie watching class. We just finished watching the Apu Trilogy. And the assignment is a paper on the three films. (Pather Penchali, Aparajito, Apur Sansur) The paper needs to be 3-pages long minimum (double spaced, 12 point). I'm going to upload the grading rubric for the paper. And please don't plagiarize.
Here is the PAPER prompt:
In The Apu Trilogy, the main character Apu has an incredible enthusiasm for curiosity. In the spirit of Apu I invite you to select something from the films or from the supporting readings that sparked your curiosity and that you would like to know more about..
Perhaps it is one of the creators of the films (maybe Ray himself!); one of the actors; the music; a place; a culture - a person, place or thing from one of the films that you want to know more about...
Once you have selected that something which sparked your curiosity, please write a paper sharing your discovery. Write about: 1) the history of it/her/him/etc. ; 2) what struck you, surprised you and moved you about it/her/him/etc.; 3) plus most importantly why did you choose it/her/him/etc. and how do you now personally connect to it/her/him/etc....
Be inspired by Apu's deep desire and thirst to know more about the world...
And as always, be deeply personal...


Student Name
The Apu Trilogy
Satyajit Ray's three films, Pather Panchali (1955), Aparajito (1956) and The World of Apu (1959), are collectively known as The Apu Trilogy. These films have been established classics in the cinema world. The Trilogy remains the major reason why Satyajit Ray got a Hollywood Oscar for lifetime achievement in 1992. For Satyajit Ray to get such an award, he demonstrates Western fascination about Indian movies.
History of Bollywood
The Indian moviemaking industry began in the 1930s in Bombay (now Mumbai) then it developed into the empire industry it is today. Over the years, several classic genres emerged from the industry. Unlike films from other parts of the world that emphasized more on plots, the Indian movie industry focused more on stars. The Indian audience would develop an insatiable appetite regarding the lives of the screen heroes.

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