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Chapter 8-12 (Essay Sample)

There are 5 questions need to be answered with short paragraphs each.Make sure to use ITALICS for names of people,places or things. 1.Examine a recent action film of you choice to see if and how it uses some of the techniques that Sergei Eisenstein pioneered in Battleship Potemkin,such as rapid intercutting,the Kuleshov Effect. 2.Go to the website of Kyle Cooper\\\'s design firm and examine several of the firm\'s title sequences for movies.Is there a house style?Can you see any similarities across several projects that the firm has done?Or do they respond to each commission in a unique manner? 3.Explain how the joined-block technique is accomplished and briefly explain why it developed. 4.Faith Ringgold\'s work Tar Beach tells a story of race discrimination in a labor union. To what extent does such discrimination still exist today? 5.Louis Sullivan,creator of the Wainwright Building,was one of America\'s most original architects,but did he get credit for his innovations during his lifetime? Did he have a successful practice?The answer to both is NO.(He died penniless and alone in a Chicago hotel in 1924.)Find an example of an innovative artist(in any field) who is alive today but is not getting the credit he or she may deserve. source..
Insert Name: Insert Course Title: Insert Instructor’s Name: Date: According to evidence on Kyle Cooper’s company of filmmaking, it is evident to note that there are numerous and varied design applications on the movies they have designed. For instance, similarities are extensively exhibited in various title movie series by the firm. Furthermore, stories in preceding movies are told through a series of scenes that are embedded in a unique effect of montage. A recent and most acclaimed series ‘Safe House, movie by Daniel Espinoza, is more like Eisenstein’s episodes. The films ever recorded are rich with slow motion move the dying moments of the narration. For instance, the pounding steps of Matt Weston as he shields his hero from the police. The larger stretch of the steps is filled with numerous others. Rapid and dramatic brutality is always recommended and not unequivocal yet the illustration scenes of the deaths of some will remain in the minds of the viewer perpetually. In Safe House, the pointed shots of pounding boots and legs running down the steps are ingeniously highlighted with long menacing silhouettes from a sun at the summit and mixture of the step sounds. The velocity of the flow is consciously varied between the moving police officers and a few civilians courageously commit to stop the angered person from heinously retaliating and taking law into his hands. The horror shown in Safe House is also presented in Eisenstein’s work where a woman's horror face is depicted in horror from the soldier's sword. The success of joined-block technique typography in the film industry is due to the editor...
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