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Beethoven Music: The Relevance Of Traditions (Essay Sample)


Here is the instruction of short papers , Plese follow the instruction to do a revision for my paper draft, make up a title , and try to use simple words and clear sentences for the paper
J.S. Bach and Beethoven hold positions of great importance in the history of European music. Both composers (1) participated in a tradition that had developed for centuries; Both composers (2) acted within the context of their present day and their immediate surroundings; and both composer (3) revolutionized music and exerted influenced on the art music of subsequent eras.
Choose to write about Bach or Beethoven, and compose an essay about their music that explains three things: What relevant traditions came before them? What did they achieve in their music, and what was their historical significance? What did they influence in the music of the future?
You should give an overview of compositional output and discuss a few representational works along the way. Include in your writing points related to music, society and the broader culture of the times.


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Music is an art where the relevant information is passed by the composers to the public. In most cases, music is a reflection of the artists' emotions and ideas of the political, social and economic issues of the times. In the history of European music, J.S. Bach and Beethoven have been accredited the best classical musicians of the times. They voiced their opinions through their music and their contribution to the music industry has left an indelible mark in history. This paper is aimed at discussing extensively Beethoven music that explains the relevance of traditions that came before him, his achievement and historical significance of his music as well as the influence he had on the music of the future.
According to his biographer, Beethoven was a political composer. He loved the French rulings, particularly Napoleon (DeNora, 1). The political climate at the time influenced Beethoven to compose pieces such as Symphony No 3, where he expressed issues affecting the society such as freedom and justice. The traditions and cultural practices of the society influenced his works. According to Rosen (1), Haydn and Mozart were regarded as the best musicians in the 18th century, however, Beethove

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