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Apprenticeships and education regarding young artists at the time of renaissance (Essay Sample)

The education of young artists during the renaissance period and how they are different from today. (Italian resistance: anytime period between the 1300's and the 1500's), message me if you have any questions. source..
Apprenticeships and education regarding young artists at the time of renaissance
The materials and methods utilized when educating artists went through substantial modifications at the period of renaissance (Byrnes 7). During the era, a good number of young artists obtained their training like apprentices. Nevertheless, within the 1400s, art theory learning gradually turned out to be as essential as practical skills mastering. At the period regarding Renaissance, study regarding art apprenticeship was done master artist guidance. Beginning of training was usually between twelve and fourteen years after which individuals served for time period between one and eight years (Teskey 493). Before training, apprentices’ parents had to enter in to contract signing with master, wherein training terms were set out. A distinctive contract needed the master to offer instruction, clothing, housing and food. A fee would sometimes be paid to masters by parents while other cases were experienced wherein the master offered salary to the apprentice.
Apprenticeship standards were at first set by guilds or local craft unions. Guilds determined matters like contract lengths and student numbers who could be trained by a master (Stange 21). A number of guilds did not permit masters switching by pupils at the time of their apprenticeship as well as selling their works without help. After finishing the apprenticeship, work presentation by students was essential for the guild to establish the level of their craft mastering level.
There was artistic training variation between masters. Within Italy, art works regarding drawing were highly emphasized. Research indicated that pupils would begin by tracing or copying paintings and drawings before involving themselves in activities aimed at live models sketching (Nemser 37). Students were offered suitable information regarding paints mixing as well as preparation of panels and walls for painting. Moreover, many apprentices also studied techniques like proportion and perspective.
Art texts during renaissance may be put to light as follows. For instance, first textbooks regarding art appeared within the 1400s. It was found out that they had variations from the practical handbooks regarding paintings which were utilized by artists within Middle Ages (Byrnes 8). Texts which existed within early renaissance discussed basic principles and art theory regarding art instruction. Art texts were created in Italy after which they spread rapidly to other parts including northern Europe.
Another essential development within art education was art schools development. Earliest academies have been highlighted as ones which had no qualities regarding formal schools (Stange 22). However it consisted of trainees who would meet after their workdays with the aim of practicing drawing as well as other skills. Such meetings eventually developed into academies which had re...
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