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My Power Figure Art (Essay Sample)

chapter 19-Prebles' Artforms 10th ed-**When using information from your book or other resources (web, books, magazines) to complete this essay you are required to cite your sources. Links to web resources can be used to cite your source. 1.Research-Write a description of the purpose and process, of creating a(n) mask, power figure or totem pole. Include descriptions of the materials, process, meaning, who makes it, where do they store it and what does it do, and for whom and how long? This is not limited to the information in your book 2.Description- Write a description of an example of a "Power Figure" that you plan to create that reflects today's society.  What would it stand for? What would it be made of? What would be added to it and what would the significance of each item be?  What would the power be?  Who might be the person who would "bless" it or give it this power?  If it was dangerous, where might it be stored, who would have access to it ?  How long would it last?  etc.  source..
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My Power Figure Art
Power figures are art works which are very significant in Africa`s culture. These art works, called nkisi (singular) or minkisi (plural) in Congo language, are sculptures which have a very special purpose. These sculptures are spiritually invested through the carved woods which are filled with spiritual power by ritual specialists (Art Institute of Chicago, 2011). The Africans made these objects for spiritual and worship purposes; which is considered as one of the reasons why art was made CITATION Fra10 \l 13321 (Frank & Preble, 2010). Different power figures vary in purpose; some are created for healing, protection, or divination. They contain different materials depending on its purpose. These materials may vary from herbal medicines to mirrors, animal parts, to pieces of metals and fiber as well as added materials in order to serve the specific purpose that they ought to achieve. Power figures are usually owned by individuals or sometimes by an entire community (African Conservancy, 2001).
If I would be making a power figure art, I would make one that could solve the problem of poverty and scarcity of food especially places such as in Africa. This would be of made from traditional materials which is wood. The other materials which would be added to it are coins, symbol of prosperity; leaves of different plants which may symbolize food. This object`s purpose is to help people prosper and get out of poverty which is not dangerous since its purpose is to improve people`s lives. Through this, people would be able to provide for their needs...
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