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Art: Pyramids of Egypt (Essay Sample)

Good Evening I just attached the insurrection that the professor asked.In addition, I would like you to write about these specific buildings as a paragraph , which are 1-Pyramid complex ,EGYPTIAN ARCHETYPES 2-Coliseum, ROMAN ARCHETYPES 3-ST, peter's ,EARLY CHRISTIAN ARCHETYPES 4-St,mark's cathedral ,BYZANTINE ARCHETYPES 5-Notre dame, GOTHIC ARCHETYPES 6-Santa maria novella ,RENAISSANCE ARCHETYPES source..
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The pyramid complex of Egypt consisted of square based structures with four triangular sides, and ware tombs remains of Ancient Egyptian queens and Kings. The pyramids of Giza are some of the best preserved remains of the pyramid complex. The pyramids were built after Egypt underwent rapid civilization in the ancient word. There are no historical records on the exact dates of building the complex, but the first pyramids appeared during the Old Kingdom and continued up to the 4th AD. The earliest precursors to the pyramids were tombs that had rectangular coverings. The massive structures required a lot of manpower and the use of stones helped to preserve some of these building complexes. At the height of their power, ancient Egyptians built these structures as there pharaohs were revered considered to be close to the gods, and hence the pyramids were built elaborately. In addition, the location of the pyramids complex indicates that they were situated where the sun set along river Nile (Wilder 55).
Work on the Coliseum began in 72 AD and continued to its completion in 80 AD in Rome, Italy with 80 entrances the building complex provided easy access an exit for spectators and audiences in the theaters . The theater provided entertainment through gladiator and animal fights, reflecting the Emperor’s intention of gaining popularity with the subjects. The elliptical amphitheater could accommodate many spectators as it had four tiers that enabled viewing, the use of marble was typical of this era. In addition, the higher tier levels had statues at the arches which were reflections of the society’s beliefs in gods. Through entertainment, the emperors were able to show their level of power and have influence on the subjects.
St Peter’s Basilica built in Vatican City during the reign of Constantine represents the Early Christian archetype. Similar to other types of Basilicas during this era the need to provide space for new congregants became a concern following the official adoption of Christianity as the state religion in Rome (Wilder 106). The church is thought to be on the same spot where St. Peter was buried, and the design of the church incorporated designs of earlier Romans but was modified to suit the needs of Christians. Flanked by a long and wide nave together aisles the structure allowed the priests to exit with ease, while also providing space. Subsequently, alter...
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