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Architecture and stylistic periods (Essay Sample)

I will upload the instruction of the assignmes Please do as the instructor asked In addition, I would like you to write about specific building , which is please write about 1-Great Temple Of Amon , EGYPTIAN ARCHETYPES 2-Theater Of Epidarius , GREEK ARCHETYPES 3-Coliseum ,ROMAN ARCHETYPES 4-St,Mark's ,BYZANTINE ARCHETYPES 5-Villa Capra, RENAISSANCE ARCHETYPES PLEASE WRITE ABOUT THESE SPECIFIC BUILDINGS thank you very much source..
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Architecture and stylistic periods
The temple of Amon is an extensive building built for the worship of Amun Ra, a revered god among ancient Egyptians. Consequently, the temple received consecration form pharaohs who performed rituals in accordance with the flooding patterns of river Nile. Before the entrance of the temple is a row of statues, sphinxes symbolizing god Amun and the solar system (Pile 26). The pattern of River Nile determined the planting seasons and was necessary for continued life during the era. With the construction of the building taking many years, the design of this complex reflects culture over time. Huge hypostyle columns separate the sanctuary and open court of the building complex from which different functions took place. The east- west and north -south axis characterize the architecture of the temple with both having many pylons. The west east axis preceded the other, and contains the main sanctuary of Amun.
The open theater of Epidaurus gives a glimpse of the culture of the Greeks around the 4th century. This architectural, masterpiece has a unique design in the countryside as it is surrounded by a mountain, offering spectators a chance to see performances in a cool environment. At the same time the architecture follows geometrical designs with a semicircular design. With the auditorium has seat round the theatre, while the orchestra is circular. It is clear that the Greek culture mainly focused on outdoor activities, in this era (Pile 35). With a view towards reducing the amount of noise in the theater, the Greeks used edge and small channels near seats to provide good acoustics quality. The front rows were reserved for high ranking officials, while the back contained lower classes. Thus, the architecture shows that culturally the society followed a hierarchical order with priests as some of the high ranking officials.
The roman coliseum is a building that symbolizes the power of the Roman Empire having been built from 72 AD to 80 AD, but the architect is unknown (Welch 159). The arch is the most visible design of this period, with the use of columns also a distinctive feature of this era. The use of arches extended to use of thre...
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