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6.7 Discussion: Brandenburg Concerto Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Part 6 discussion is to get you to think about the music from the Baroque period.
Listen again to the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 by J. S. Bach below, and see its analysis on the pages 111 & 112 in your book to answer to the following questions:
What is the musical form of the Brandenburg concerto?
Why is it called Brandenburg concerto?
What is the tempo of the first movement
What are the solo instruments?
In the tutti section what instrument/s is/are playing the basso continuo?
Which part is the most technical section of the first movement?


Brandenburg Concerto
Brandenburg Concerto is an orchestral works form of music established in Italian concerto grosso style, which was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach in the period 1708-1721 for Christian Ludwig. When Bach was sent to Berlin to buy a new harpsichord, he met Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt, a Margrave who loved music. Bach appreciated Ludwig’s regard in his music compositions, and years later, Bach designated his six concerts to Ludwig, hence the name Brandenburg Concerto. From the video, the first concerto started with an intense and lively rhythm by the use of two violas. The other instruments are then removed step by step into the continuous flow of melodic formulation, which indicates the writer’s proficiency in polyphony. The tempo in the first movement is Allegro, with a key of D major structured in solo and tutti themes, which are different. In concerto No. 1, the

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