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Research (Essay Sample)

Do not need write introduction and conclusion. Please following the question to complete (need point by point like a report format). 1.) How to effective to research findings? 2.) How to construction of the debate? 3.) How to delivery of debate? source..

In order to have effective research findings, there is a need to involve experts in the workplace in supporting the organization’s efforts i.e. in the case of flexible resourcing; the HR department is a significant feature of the workplace. Firstly, organizations need to retain the experienced staff nonetheless recruitment, and training costs are normally high for most organizations (Sims, 2007, p130). By minimizing costs and have the required staff members at any given time ensures that you get the required findings in the organization.
For a researcher, both qualitative and quantitative researches are important in understanding the dynamics of the research. Qualitative studies may focus specific on case studies in organisations providing a frame work i.e. to judge the effectiveness of flexible resourcing in another organisations. However, this approach may be biased since organisations have different corporate cultures; there are no two organisations that are completely alike. On the other hand, quantitative research is objective and utilizes statistical tools to reach conclusions. A combination of both approaches is better as they complement each other statistical analysis give a snapshot of changes that occur, for instance increase in productivity is measurable in terms of numbers in output production and better financial outcomes. Qualitative research may help to identify factors that enhance or impede findings across various organizations through individual case studies.
Most researches focus on literature review at their initial stages so as to understand how a particular topic relates to similar works. In order, to review literature researchers access information in books or through internet research. Information contained in books, libraries or the internet helps to determine the scope of work to a researcher. Moreover, a researcher scrutinizes the information in books and the internet and concludes on whether the research methods used in the researches were appropriate.
In striving to achieve effective research findings, a shortfall of the labour force affects the firm’s productivity thus; the ultimate purpose of flexible is to first fill the gap left by departing employees. This strategy is effective for an organization it is a quick contingency measure of the organization. This system is an appropriate measure in the ever changing business world in any case labour mobility is easier than ever before. For many organisations, the advent of information technology has brought new changes which are best dealt in effective findings. Experts on information technology can considerably improve the efficiency of an organisation and also provide the organisation with a wide range of skills. Additionally, organisations seek to lessen the knowledge and skills gap in their workforce to avoid disrupting business activities (Robinson and Hirsh, ...
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