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Sociological Analysis Of The Movie ‘Crash’ (by Paul Haggis 2004) (Essay Sample)


Watch and analyze the movie 'Crash' (Directed by Paul haggis 2004). You need to conduct a sociological analysis of the theme and content of the film in the case studies of your choice (such as the various discriminations reflected in the film: racial discrimination, gender discrimination, social violence, homosexual discrimination). What information does the case study consciously or unintentionally convey about the culture and society of its origin? The thesis must draw on sociological theories or ideas. This paper requires 8 academic references.


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'Crash' is an American drama written and directed by Paul Haggis and released in 2004. The film is set in Los Angeles, to represent the urban setting, and involves a series of ‘crashes’ and altercations between different racially divided groups of people who conceal stereotyped misconceptions about and against each other. The movie exposes various social constructs that people have against other races through different situations and issues. The characters in the movie are all different but also possess similar traits especially on their prejudice and racism and each holds their disparities over the other creating a racially oriented conflict but in the end have reconciliations over the similarities. This paper looks at the definitive issues that bring out the racial segmentation in the film and offers a sociological analysis of the movie based on social control theory, conflict, and symbolic inter-actionism perspectives. To achieve this, the paper illustrates the social interactions between the characters and discusses the sociological perspectives evident through them.

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