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Do You Agree With The Following Statement: In Modern Democracies, Parliaments Are Less Important Than Governments? (Essay Sample)


Please help with comparative politics essay.
Do you agree with the following statement: in modern democracies, parliaments are less important than governments?
I have been told to aim to speak about at least 2 countries and their political systems to compare, I have already started researching and would like to use the US as one of the countries (maybe UK too but do not mind). Can use diagrams to help. Just want an essay to help supplement mine and give inspiration.
For this course, I use Caramani's Comparative Politics book for background knowledge. I've attached screenshots including resources that should help.


Comparative Politics – Democratic Governments
The type of government adopted by a country refers to how that nation has organized its executive, legislative and judicial organs. It is important for all countries across the world to adopt any sort of government in order to avoid and prevent anarchy. In the modern democracy governments, citizens are allowed to manage their governments either directly or indirectly through the election of representatives to parliaments. This is against the authoritarian type of government that limits the participation of citizens in its affairs. There are two common types of democratic governments: presidential and parliamentary systems. In this essay, I attempt to compare two different political systems – the United States and United Kingdom. However, it appears to be hard for me to reach a conclusion on whether in the modern democracies parliaments and less important than governments? I will try my best to explain why this is hard and attempt to side with one camp of this argument based on the differences between the political systems in the two countries.
The major reason why this task is not an easy one, parliament is type of government making it difficult to decide whether it is less important. This is because the parliamentary system is a government. However, despite this difficult, contrasting between the presidential and parliamentary governments I may be able to reach at a conclusion. The political systems adopted by the two countries are different, however, besides the differences, they have a common feature. In both political systems, the legislature can remove the chief executive (president or prime minister) from office though the way they do it is what varies among them (O'Neil, Fields, and Share, 2013). After comparing the two political systems various differences that I thought of importance and relevance to this essay struck me.
The first difference is in regard to the constitution. The United States of America has a written constitution as well as most of its states. On the other hand, the UK lacks a single document which can be considered to be its constitution but its constitutional provisions are spread over the Acts of Parliament. From the same con

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