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Feminism In The Arab World: Role Of Muslim Women (Essay Sample)


The essay should have a bibliography at the end of the Harvard style. The topic I chose was myself if you want you can change the question but it should be related to feminism and the Arab world.


Feminism and the Arab World
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Feminism in the Arab world
The role of Muslim Women in the Arab world has significantly changed earlier and it has been still changing in the current times. The roles of Arab women were, and still, determined by the interrelationship amid a diversity of social, economic and political factors. It has been perceived that for several centuries, women living in Arab had low status, particularly in Arab culture. During the period of the second half of the nineteenth century, the status of women has been changed with western influence and processes of modernization, and further the ideas of feminism initiated to germinate. Arab women started going out in regards to studying and became increasingly aware of their liberation in terms of their own and others living around them.
It can be stated that women in the Arab world might have won the struggle for education, but in other parts, their evolvement is still hindered by conservation rudiments, and the process of attaining equal rights between sexes is still considered as partial. Feminism in the Arab world and societies are involved in a procedure of massive and irretrievable transformation in which women are considerably playing a crucial and prominent role. Furthermore, this paper focuses on the concept and role of feminism in the Arab context and how feminism, nationalism, and colonialism affected the role of women in the Arab world.
Feminism in the Arab context
In the context of Islam as a religion, the term feminist or feminist's movements is western-defined with a valiant plan for quick amendment are not particularly likable to the women in Islam. It has been perceived that there are several women in Islam who do not prefer using the word “feminism” since it is most commonly connected with a definition in a western setting of feminism and femininity which they sense is not appropriate in their culture. Treacher (2003) significantly emphasized and connected the terms feminism and patriotism. The author agreed that the action of feminism in the Arab world is most commonly discouraged, in contrary patriotism is appreciated while noting “Manhood and the country are yoked together, on the other hand, women are honored if they combat for their country but not for women's right.” Furthermore, in the writings of Abu Khalil (1993), it has been viewed that “Feminism in the current times is gradually under attack because Islamic scholars have chosen to put an emphasis on women's concerns and to dishonor feminism by connecting it to Western Political interests.” With the current American conflicts and the Arab world, this concern has been worsened. Treacher (2003) noted that Arab society accepts women. The author also stressed that the Arab society accepts women who joined forces with men in the political debate, but when women focus on women's issues, they could be accused of trying to implement a Western ideal and try to suppress their voice.
Any discussion of feminism in the Arab world should take into account the influence of religious principles that permeate all aspects of life. Abu Khalil (1993) discussed three schools of thought on women's rights in Islam. The first school denied that Islamic women affirm that Islam offers many rights to women, while Muslim women have more rights than women in the West. The second school recognized that women obeyed, but the error lies in the male interpretation of Islam. The third branch seeks to improve women's rights by reinterpreting Islamic texts from a feminist point of view. Abu Khalil (1993) noted that the use of Islam to show that fe...

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