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AIP116 Modern Political Ideologies: topic 4 socialism & 5 anarchism! (Essay Sample)

answer all workbook question in the space provided follow the guideline in the workbook front .Find workbook attached only aswer short please. Important exclude topic 4 & 5 socialism and anachism not to answer. source..

Faculty of Arts and Education

Trimester 3, 2012
Modern Political Ideologies
AIP116Modern Political Ideologies
 TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135858"INTRODUCTION  PAGEREF _Toc234135858 \h 1
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135859"Topic 1 Understanding Ideologies  PAGEREF _Toc234135859 \h 1
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135860"Topic 2 Classical Liberalism  PAGEREF _Toc234135860 \h 4
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135861"Topic 3 Conservatism  PAGEREF _Toc234135861 \h 9
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135862"Topic 4 Socialism  PAGEREF _Toc234135862 \h 12
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135863"Topic 5 Anarchism  PAGEREF _Toc234135863 \h 16
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135864"Topic 6 Nationalism  PAGEREF _Toc234135864 \h 20
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135865"Topic 7 Social Liberalism  PAGEREF _Toc234135865 \h 23
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135866"Topic 8 Social democracy  PAGEREF _Toc234135866 \h 26
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135867"Topic 9 Feminism 30
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135868"Topic 10Neoliberalism and the New Right 34
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc234135869"Topic 11Religious fundamentalism 38

1. About this Workbook
This Workbook is designed to assist you in working through the weekly topics in the Study Guide. The Study Guide sometimes indicates further readings and questions of relevance to the topic, beyond those prescribed in the Workbook. Completing the Workbookwill encourage you to:
acquire a basic knowledge of a number of significant political ideologies,
review the knowledge you have gained from the readings.
reflect upon the content, concepts and ideas presented for each topic.
2. How to use this Workbook
The Workbook comprises ‘Discussion questions’ for each topic. Here you will be asked to answer questions directed towards specific readings. These questions are intended to help you to review the content of each topic, and also to prepare for the essay and examination.
Please write your answers and comments in the space provided and keep them verybrief. It is acceptable to use note form for most of these exercises.
Initially, you may like to try answering the questions on the basis of your first reading of the texts.
Then you can check your 'answers' by reading the text again.
Used in this way the questions should prove to be a useful tool for testing your understanding of, and for revising, individual topics.
3. Assessment
All students must submit the entireWorkbook for assessment as an electronic document. This can be either a Word/RTF file of a typed document or a PDF scan of a handwritten document. This is a hurdle requirement.Make sure that you keep a copy.
No detailed comments will be provided in the final assessment of the Workbook. Generally, only a grade or mark, and a comment for the whole Workbook will be given.
4. Queries
If you have any questions ...
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