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The Controversy of Human Creation Based on Evolution versus Creationism (Essay Sample)

1. Tittle of the illustration essay "The Controversy of Human creation Based on Evolution Versus Creationism" 4 full pages of double space, 1.25 margins all around, 12 font size, times new roman font style. 2. Thesis at the end of the first paragraph saying "I intended to come down on the side of creationism and argue for Prime mover God as a creator of man and dis believe of Charles Drawin's Theory of evolution where man came from apes. 3. Need lots of supporting words to convince my professor that God created man and not from series changes of primates. Why my professor needs to believe on my thesis statement. Need lots of good word to convince him on my thesis statement. 4. We are not allowed to use word like "I" to this illustration essay always fall on third person by using word like us or we. 5. Need to limit quote from other source as my professor wants most word come from us in this illustration essay. 6. It is illustration essay so need to tell rather than describing to the reader my thesis statement. 7. Each paragraph must have a clear Topic sentence that support my thesis statement or a Topic sentence stating why i don't agree with Charles Darwin's Theory of evolution. source..

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The Controversy of Human Creation Based on Evolution versus Creationism
According to Charles Darwin theory of evolution life reproduces through the generations with differences, moving forward, with genetic improvements adapting from a primal form to an advanced form by way of adaptation. The possibility of Gods activity in the word eternity is challenged by Darwin`s theory. It is a denial of God`s presence and attempted to replace the so called primitive forms of religious knowledge. Base on religion God created everything and He created man according to his image and likeness. I intended to come down on the side of creationism and argue for a "Prime Mover;, a creator God that began the creating process." It is advisable to consider the belief Darwin`s theory of evolution because there are a lot of things in this life that Science could not explain according to Bowler (2013, p.45).
Evolution and creationism, conflicts when evolutionist dispute that there is no scientific theory about creationism because it can`t be tested scientifically, while creationists argue that God is not taken into account by evolutionists and that evolution is more of a theory than a fact. Scientific methods based on physical evidence can never be reconciled, with the faith based on the creationist believe of the Old Testament in the bible written by the Israelites which is the only true story of creation. Even though Charles Darwin`s theories are definite through scientific studies creationist do not cease to ridicule him
The schism between how humans came to be, finds it conflicting between Religion and Science. Probably the greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein quoted that a man who does not believe in God is a fool.
Charles Darwin`s theory of evolution had a different prospective as he said that life has descended over time from common ancestors, meaning that more complex creatures have developed from simple creatures over a period of time. As the weak die the strongest continue to survive and reproduce, therefore the human race and all the life on earth have advanced over time. He believed that through time various animals, plants, bacteria and other living organisms can undergo the process of change.
As travelers along life`s way, we encounter mysteries about our true creation. Did we come from God or evolve from primates? If the monkeys became humans millions of years ago then why there still monkeys? The first book of Genesis in the bible chronicles the creation of man. The Lord God said "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. God is not a monkey; therefore man did not evolve from monkey`s. We will always be God`s image and likeness and not evolve into anything that is not in His image and likeness (McLaughlin, 2012, p...
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