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Introduction and literature review. Rewilding in the UK (Essay Sample)


My major is Ecological Economics, and the course name is Ecological Economics Field Methods in Research and Practice. The task is a Research Synthesis Piece (the theme is Rewilding in the UK), but you only need to do the part of introduction and literature review, you do not need to do any analysis. the specific requirement is in the attachment. you need to cite more than 10 academic literature. Besides, it is a team task , so if my teammates have any suggestions of my part (introduction and literature rewiew), I will tell you ,and you should modify my part.

Ecological Economics Field Methods in Research and Practice:
Research Synthesis Piece 
We will collect some data within the class. 
The specific approach is Q-methodology. You will analyze the class data and write up a research synthesis piece that is targeted at a UK policy maker.
The emphasis in the marking will be on the quality and thoroughness of your qualitative analysis, your ability to draw out the policy relevance and recommendations from your qualitative analysis, and your ability to communicate it concisely, completely, and clearly to a non-technical audience.
The class plan: 
methods training
data collection (within the class)
data analysis (of data collected within the class)
practice communicating that analysis
All of the work in class will also center around a new theme: Rewilding in the UK. The topic of rewilding is very relevant to Ecological Economics. It’s also something that has been written about a lot in relation to the UK in the past couple of years, which means information is readily available. 
For the purposes of our in-class Q-methodology study, the research question will be:
“Should the UK invest significantly in subsidies to support rewilding, especially of marginal and upland agricultural areas?”
Requirement of introduction and literature review:
Background and context for the research is clear and it provides an excellent motivation for the research from a policy relevant perspective. Research question and value of study are clear.


Rewilding in the UK
Rewilding involves mass restoration of the ecosystem where we let nature take care of itself. It enables natural processes to shape the land as well as sea and to restore degraded landscapes. Rewilding provides opportunities for living systems to give the ecological functions that we all depend on and for people to reconnect with nature. Therefore, it reinforces a balance between nature and people where each can survive.
Argument for Rewilding
The United Kingdom was not always the way it is today. Once there were great wide forests that were habitats for species such as bears and wolves that are now being threatened with extinction. Therefore, restoring large tracts of land will allow the reversal of this declining wildlife. With the UK targeting to be carbon neutral by 2050, there is a need to restore previously grazed, farmed, or managed a million hectares of land to nature by reintroducing the long-gone fauna, flora, and wildlife to help bring back the diverse ecosystems that once existed. Rewilding not only helps the land and the animals that live on it but also benefits humans.

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