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Learning Portfolio: Growth And Self-Development (Essay Sample)


Learning Portfolio:


a) Contents page (not included in word count)

b) Introduction (200 words)

c) Self-Development Reflections (1,500 words) Starting from the self-development template, choose two topics that you wish to reflect upon. Link the topics to relevant theories and in-class activities.

d) Skills Audit (600 words) Reflect on the skills you have acquired throughout your academic, personal and professional life by presenting the relevant evidence.

e) Conclusion (200 words) f) Reference List (not included in word count)

g) Appendix of relevant documents (not included in word count)

Word Count: 2,500


Learning Portfolio
Learning Portfolio
Every human being needs to grow and develop so that they can go a step further in their careers. The only way they can achieve this is through self-development. Self-development provides people with the opportunity to better themselves by acquiring new skills and finding means of developing new habits while dropping the bad ones. Students have the opportunity develop themselves through courses at the university.
Within this learning portfolio are all those theories, concepts, and activities that were taught during the professional development course. The portfolio aims at providing a link between the theories that have been learnt so far and the relevant self-development reflections. The reflection also contains those skills that have been acquired throughout my academic, personal and professional life through presentation of the relevant evidence. In this portfolio, I will reflect on team working and stress management, motivation and goal setting.
Describing these theories, concepts, and activities in this learning portfolio will show how well I understand the skills that people need to manage themselves whenever they are working in an organization or in a team. It will also provide me with the platform to evaluate and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses so that I can know ways of improving and becoming better.
Team Working
This activity was carried out with several objectives in mind. The first was to help in understanding why it is important to work as a team and how this can affect the achievement of organizational and personal goals. The activity was also meant to enhance understanding of team dynamics and to enable students to practice those techniques that they need to handle interpersonal problems in teams. Finally, it was meant to provide greater insights into why teams succeed or fail and team norms, roles, and stages.
Team-working is very important in today's corporate world. According toTarricone and Luca (2002, p641),teams normally have a common purpose and goals and team members can rely on these to build “effective mutual relationships” that can help them to achieve these goals. Therefore, those working in teams have to achieve these common goals through working together and sharing skills and knowledge. Flexibility is important if team members are to adapt to the corporate working environment, especially in those organizations where achieving goals requires good collaborations and relying on one another instead of using individualized approaches (Tarricone and Luca, 2002, p641).
The first activity involved students forming teams of 5/6. Each group had to use their newspapers to build a bridge. The team that had the bridge that could hold the most weight won a price. Team working is very important and this was an activity that I felt I needed to do. During the activity, I realized that to be an effective team player, I needed to:
1 Be more reliable and meet deadlines to earn the appreciation of team members.
2 Be more open-minded and be ready to listen to ideas and perspectives of other people.
3 Be appreciated of the work styles of other people.
4 Learn to focus on team goals and always be ready to celebrate the success of team members.
5 Communicate effectively.
To meet deadlines and be reliable, it was decided that team members needed to take on those tasks they know they can handle well. There is no need taking on a task that is too big for one. If anyone makes a promise to the team members that they are going to do something, they should do it within the stipulated time.
To accept perspectives and suggestions of others, emph...

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